Mayor of Golden is jailed supporting Mines

The mayor of Golden, Marjorie Sloan, was put in jail last week along with Dr. Patrick Kohl, Dr. Bob Knecht, associate dean of students Derek Morgan, and many others. They posted their bails and helped a good cause by spending time behind bars. The money from each bail was given to the Alpha Phi Foundation as part of Alpha Traz, an annual event hosted by the Alpha Phi Sorority.

For the event, Alpha Phi asked well-known members of the campus to volunteer to be put in jail. The volunteers set their bails and offered to sit in the Alpha Phi jail until friends or colleagues came to have them released. Although being put in jail is not usually described as a fun activity, Alpha Traz was a festive event with food, live music, and a raffle with prizes from local businesses.

According to the Alpha Phi website, “Current statistics show that 1 in 6 women die from Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) making it this country’s biggest killer.” In order to raise awareness and fund treatment, the money raised from Alpha Traz was donated to the Alpha Phi Foundation, which will give it to the American Heart Association.

The Mayor of Golden, Marjorie Sloan, set her bail at one hundred dollars and was seen working on her computer as she sat waiting in jail. The mayor said that she decided to support the Alpha Phi Foundation because she “received a nice invitation,” and she believes, “The City of Golden and Mines life should be more interconnected.”

Alpha Traz also revealed the amount of internal support present between Greek organizations. Blake Knoll, a member of the ATO fraternity who was incarcerated at Alpha Traz, was uncertain of the situation, saying, “I wasn’t ready to go to jail.” Yet Knoll still decided to support his fellow Greeks and ended up meeting his $50 bail.

Some of the volunteers at Alpha Traz were afraid that their bail would not be met and that they would have to sit in the Alpha Phi jail for quite a while. But, due to widespread support from the Greek community and other attendees, nearly everyone’s bail was met, and by the end of the day all volunteers were free to go.

Alpha Traz raised $2,400. Bernie Bergman, VP of Philanthropy from Beta Theta Pi, and Carrie Eberhard, President of Alpha Phi, both had the highest bail at $250 each.

The Alpha Phi Foundation worked to support its mission statement to “empower women to be generous givers.” In the past, the Foundation has donated money to a variety of causes, including hospitals, cardiac research centers, educational programs, and scholarships for women or students with medical problems.

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