Mines Little Theater presents Urinetown

“Urinetown.” Yes, that is really the title of Mine’s Little Theater’s latest musical production, which debuted last Friday and Saturday and as cast member Athena Ryals puts it, “It lives up to its name.”

“Urinetown” is a satirical musical comedy set in a world where the water supply is so low, people must pay to use the bathroom. Those who are unable to pay are sent to Urinetown, a terrifying place from which nobody ever returns. The burden of this dire situation, of course, lands hardest on the poor in the land and the story follows their struggle.

It is an odd premise to be sure, but it actually worked rather well. Both humorous and thoughtful, “Urinetown” contained just as many immature jokes and actual thought-provoking questions as one would assume a musical about pee would have. As cast member Kyle Santi described, it is a “dark, urine-stained comedy,”

With music by Mark Hollmann and lyrics by Hollmann and Greg Kotis, the musical itself was very entertaining. The performance contains many funny scenes which parody other famous musicals and styles of performance, including “Les Mis√©rables,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” and gospel music.

The performers worked very hard to bring forth a very enjoyable show for their audience. It is a good reminder that the engineers of Mines can do more than just math problems that would terrify the rest of the populace as it showcased a variety of singing, dancing, and acting talents.

After it was all said and done, cast member Kate Lyssy enjoyed being a part of the performance, but had just one complaint. “It was very warm… if ever you need to dance in a wool skirt for a few hours, don’t.”

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