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Headlines from around the world: 9/3/12

Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, denounced Egypt’s newly elected president, Mohammed Morsi, after the Egyptian leader supported the uprising in Syria. Syria is Iran’s strongest ally in the region, and the comments from Egypt’s new leader have heated up the tensions between the two countries. Additionally, Egypt has continued to honor its peace treaty with Israel, contrary to Iran’s desires.

ASCSM is now USG and that is good news

The Associated Students Colorado School of Mines (ASCSM) was initiated in 1954. Throughout the years ASCSM has served as the campus Student Government. It helped make the Student Recreation Center, ORC and Brown Building realities. It postponed the onset of the Plus/Minus grading system, supported countless clubs, founded Mines Activity Council and preserved Mines’ most sacred tradition, E-Days.

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