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AMS Colloquium: Synthetic Aperture Radar

Dr. Margret Cheney of Colorado State University presented on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology, which is used heavily in the astronomy field, and uses antennas and pulsing radio waves to capture images of distant objects that a digital camera is unable to capture. To display some of the uses for SAR, Cheney showed several images ranging from copper mines in Chile, to oil spills in the ocean, to topographical images in California. She related the process to seismic imaging, a model often used in the field of geophysics.


Themed housing in residence life

Every student that has lived in one of the residence halls on campus would describe it as being an “educational experience.” Residence life began a new program this year that hopes to put students with similar interests together to create a non-academic learning environment. According to the residence life website, this theme housing option “[allows] students with common interests and pursuits to live together and support each other through planned activities and informal interactions.”

Global mobility, energy use, and climate constraints

In a service based economy, such as the United States, transportation is the most energy consuming component. Transportation links energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Over the last century, transportation has increased creating a host of problems, such as the increased use of petroleum. Such rises in energy use make transportation a significant contributor to the emissions of greenhouse gasses and energy use.

Scientific Discoveries This Week: 9/6/12

Hinxton, United Kingdom – According to a new study by a group of bioinformaticians, the human genome is more than just genes. Bioinformaticians study DNA and how the DNA stores information for the creation of cells. This particular group “took apart” the genome, and discovered that the four “letter” building blocks (A,T,C,G) of DNA actually only compose up to about 2% of the genome. They determined that the building-block letters were partly controlled by the rest of the genome, leading them to believe that the genome also switches the building-block molecules on and off, determining what type of cell the DNA will create.

Headlines from around the world: 9/10/12

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed a congressional order declaring the Haqqani network a terrorist organization. The Pakistani-based organization is responsible for many violent attacks on American troops in Afghanistan. It is unclear at this point how the Pakistani government will respond to this move by the United States. The State Department believes this will cut off some of the funding to the organization from countries such as Saudi Arabia.

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