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Black holes provide model of strong interactions

Is gravity a hologram, an illusion that does not exist in three dimensions? That is a question Dr. Oliver DeWolfe, assistant professor at the University of Colorado, answered in his lecture entitled, “Black Holes as Holograms of Strong Interactions.” With a fast pace, DeWolfe explained the exciting new research into quantum gravity and black holes.

Economics and wind power: Mines graduate research at the forefront of field

Over the past decade, the influence of wind power has grown, currently providing 3% of energy production in the United States. With this growth has come a demand for information about the economics behind wind energy. At the forefront of producing this information is Dr. Dan Kaffine, associate professor for the division of economics and business and Chris Worley, a 2011 doctoral student. The two have spent the past six years applying microeconomic techniques to the analysis of wind power. In that span, the duo has published three papers based on their research.

Headlines from around the world: 9/24/12

The National Football League has lax guidelines regarding what types of helmets players are required to use, according to a new report by the New York Times. Even with the ever-increasing number of head injuries occurring every year in the NFL, no specific rules have been put in place the require a player to use the newest and most protective helmets available.

Scientific discoveries this week: 9/24/12

London, England – Bumble Bees appear to move at random through flower patches when foraging for food and nectar, but what looks like randominity is actually the result of trial and error. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have studied the flight paths taken by Bumble Bees, and have found that the bees, over time, found the shortest, most efficient path between a group of flowers. The scientists involved in the study attached tiny radar transponders to the bee’s backs, which allowed them to track the movements. Over the course of a month, the bees all reduced their total distance traveled between five artificial flowers by roughly 75%. The bees had to build a “mental map” that allowed them to recall which flower was nearest the one they were currently on.

World Wide views on Biodiversity

Colorado School of Mines hosted a global event called World Wide Views on Sept 15, 2012. Created by the Danish Board of Technology in 2009, it sought to involve citizens in discussions about global policy topics. The first WWViews event discussed Global Warming and had over 50 countries participate. The numbers for WWViews on Biodiversity were smaller, but there was still a significant turnout globally.

USG supports homecoming T-shirt

“At Mines we are better than you and we know it.” This slogan, adapted from the movie, Dodgeball (Globogym’s slogan) was a hotly debated topic at last Thursday’s USG meeting in ballroom D.

Associate Dean of Students, Derek Morgan, brought forward a concern about the Homecoming T-shirts. His concern was about the message on the T-shirts and the image that they could bring upon the students, faculty, school, and community. “Who is this message to?” Derek commented. He continued that he believed it was one thing to have pride, one thing to have school spirit, but another to put it on a shirt and taunt others. One representative commented that the shirts foster arrogance that employers and possibly alumni will not like.

The Knight, the Seer and the Child: Cassandra

The child’s wailing cries pierced the silence of the dense forest. Above the thick canopy, several beams of moonlight barely illuminated the path before the cloaked figure running from the palace. She clutched her daughter tightly against her chest, praying the cries would be stifled. Every crunch of the dried leaves under her thick leather boots matched the pounding of her heart in her ears. One hand retrieved the dagger from her belt and hugged her daughter close. She would rather see her child dead than in the hands of what lay behind them.

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