ASCSM is now USG and that is good news

The Associated Students Colorado School of Mines (ASCSM) was initiated in 1954. Throughout the years ASCSM has served as the campus Student Government. It helped make the Student Recreation Center, ORC and Brown Building realities. It postponed the onset of the Plus/Minus grading system, supported countless clubs, founded Mines Activity Council and preserved Mines’ most sacred tradition, E-Days.

It is not perfect, there have been plenty of struggles. For years the Student Government has fumbled around its undescriptive name. This problem was intensified two years ago when the Graduate Students split from ASCSM with a joint operating agreement. This relationship left two separate and unique governing organizations: ASCSM, the Undergraduate Student Government, and GSA, the Graduate Student Association. Long story short, ASCSM was no longer just an undescriptive name, it was inaccurate.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the long overdue name change has officially taken place. The Undergraduate Student governing body is now named the Undergraduate Student Government. The old name isn’t forgotten. ASCSM will describe the joint operation between the two governing bodies. The support for this change was evident, it was approved unanimously by the 2012-2013 representatives.

Now, USG can proceed to accomplish its mission and be the true representative student government it was designed to be. Because its name confusion is in the past, the true power of your student government is actually attainable. It doesn’t end there, we are working to become a more visible, transparent, and influential force on campus.

However, without the support and commitment of the Student Body, USG is powerless. Students need to fulfill their civic duty at Mines, run for office, vote in elections. voice their concerns, help us find solutions and put pressure on your representatives.

This year USG representatives look forward to working with all of you. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Matthew McNew
2012-2013 Undergraduate Student Government President.

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