Club Spotlight: Horticulture Club

As a member of the CSM Horticulture Club, one will get to garden around campus, take field trips to botanic gardens, and participate in other horticultural activities.

While the club serves as an introduction to gardening, President Rosie Leone also describes it as “an activity that takes the stress away that Mines encompasses, and gives you the opportunity to learn many different things.”

The Horticulture Club was founded during the last few weeks of the spring 2012 semester. In a short time span, members potted basil or sunflower plants and took a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens, among other plant-related activities. Many more projects are planned for this upcoming year, including a cooking lesson using homegrown herbs. When asked about the club’s effect on her extracurricular life, member Antonica McMullan said, “Being at Mines, we have to think logically and critically about most every subject. Being in Horticulture Club provides an outlet for my creativity and allows me to be a well-rounded person.”

Horticulture Club welcomes gardeners of all and even non-existent skill levels. If you are interested in joining the club, please email

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