Community Spotlight: Bob’s Atomic Burgers

A new, locally owned burger joint opened up this past summer in central Golden, and residents and students alike are excited about the great eats at Bob’s Atomic Burgers. Bob Toohill, the owner of the restaurant, is originally from Wisconsin and is pursuing his lifelong dream.

After growing up in Milwaukee surrounded by old-fashioned custard stands, Toohill always dreamed of owning a similar style restaurant. “They were simple and something I strive for at [Bob’s Atomic Burgers.] I believe you should stick to what you’re good at.” As a result, the menu at Bob’s Atomic Burgers is somewhat short, but this is certainly a case where less is more.

The name of the restaurant is enticing, and provides a unique atmosphere for the store. Located at the corner of Ford and 13th streets, the restaurant gives customers an older, laid back feel. Toohill said, “I wanted to have a name that invoked memories of an era, the ’50s atomic age with drive-ins and diners.”

Toohill has spent the last 20 years in Colorado, and after a long career of being a carpenter, is excited to finally realize his dream. For Toohill, Golden was the perfect location. “I like the variety in Golden; the city is friendly and the mountains are great for outdoor fun,” he said. Even though the restaurant just opened, it will not be going anywhere anytime soon. “I’m looking to fill the niche for a good, friendly, and local burger place in Golden,” said Toohill. “We’re here for the long haul.”

Prior to its grand opening back in July, the store required a lot of renovation, something Toohill and his family and friends provided themselves. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun.” He was quick to point out that the restaurant could not have happened without help from friends and family, especially his wife, Jen.

It has only been in business since the beginning of July, but Bob’s Atomic Burgers has already earned a stellar reputation. Toohill explained that his favorite experience was when three Australians ate at the restaurant. After the meal, they approached Toohill and commended him, claiming that his burgers were the best they had ever eaten. “This was a real compliment,” explained Toohill, “because Australians really know their ‘barbie.'”

For an alternative to chain burger restaurants, head over to Bob’s Atomic Burgers. Students get a ten percent discount with their Blastercard, a great deal for a tasty meal.

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