Dear tex, How do i find a job?

Q: Hey Jarrod, with many recruiters coming on campus next week, how do I succeed at Career Day?

A: Well, T.W., by succeed I assume you mean get a job or, at the very least, get an interview. Outside of all the formalities like a decent GPA, a work history, and examples of intellectual curiosity, recruiters are only looking for one thing – swagger. If you were a recruiter, standing in a fluorescent-lit gymnasium for six hours and talking to dozens of engineers without a break, are you going to remember the braniac kid who incessantly talked about his pet robot? Or are you more likely to remember the guy who walked, talked, and epitomized John Wayne in every action. I rest my case. For those of you students less up to date with the current speech trends, swagger is essentially the way that one carries oneself. This includes a sure walk, a chin held high, and an invincible attitude. The twenty-first century philosopher and forty-third President of the United States, George W. Bush, understood the term when, during his presidential nomination acceptance speech, he said, “Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called ‘walking.'” Political views aside, a president with swagger exudes a certain confidence, the same confidence that recruiters are looking for in job candidates.

So, on career day this Tuesday, be sure to walk into the recreation center knowing that you own the place. Even when Snooki, without any redeemable skill sets or social graces, walks into a club, it is apparent that she is in her domain. Do likewise. Display confidence without being overtly arrogant, showing that you are sure of yourself in every action that you take. Identify with the recruiter, look at him or her in the eye, and show the person that you are the best candidate for the job. If things go awry with a company, just pull a Jay-Z, brush that dirt off of your shoulder, and go on to the next one.

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