Dear Tex, What music is upcoming?

Question: Who is the next up and coming musical artist?


I assume that, by trying to find who the next up is and coming artist, you are trying to impress your friends with your musical knowledge and follow the hipster trend of following every artist before they were “hot.” Despite the hipster inclinations, I will give you what’s going down. In post-summer 2012, there is a slump. Every artist wishes to get their good stuff out before the summer begins. Therefore, when people are driving with their windows down and the bass bumping, it is an automatic advertisement for the track. Despite the oncoming cold weather and lack of windows, one artist will be heating up the charts as winter hits – 2 Chainz. This guy is the entire package. He looks as ridiculous as Lil Wayne, it is difficult to understand what he’s saying, many big artists are featuring him on their new singles, and he occasionally features gold teeth. He even has his own intro to every single verse. When DJ Khaled yells “We the best!”, when Lil Jon yells “Yeah”, before every 2 Chainz verse, everybody just screams “2 Chainz!” His name is good enough to just stand for itself.

Also, expect Jay-Z and Beyonce to make a renewed drive to the charts. They are involved in a Barack Obama campaign fundraiser and it is not every day that the President of the United States can be your spokesperson. If you’re thinking about hopping on the Carly Rae Jepsen or Bieber train, it left the station a couple of months ago. While a summer with “Call Me Maybe” or “As Long as you Love Me” was fun, America wants something new. The people are sick of people not calling Carly Rae, and 2 Chainz is the only prescription.

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