Deer Review: White Tailed Deer

You find yourself outside on a beautiful fall day, not fully expecting a dramatic autumn wildlife experience, but suddenly, a white-tailed deer appears. At first, one may find themselves disgusted, possibly revolted by the sight of one of the most common deer species in the world, but with a bit of patience and an open mind, Odocoileus virginianus may yet become a staple of your deer viewing experience.

When considering the white-tailed deer, one really has to draw upon some outliers for a comparison; it is strange that such a common variety of ungulate has such incomparable traits. From first glance, the white-tail may look boring and passé, but any true deer connoisseur will tell you that with a careful glance, the common deer has hints of reindeer with a dash of okapi for the visual viewing pleasure.

Now, of course, there is an element to the experience that has to be right for a prime viewing occurrence. No viewer wants to walk out on a white-tail chewing on his or her freshly planted pumpkin plants, especially this close to halloween. Then again, despite what some people say, even the best sighting of a possibly extinct Irish Elk gnawing away on what was supposed to be a Portal themed Jack-O-Lantern would cause one’s temper to boil. On the other hand, if viewed during a 45 degree Fahrenheit morning after a frost has set in, at approximately two hours, five minutes, and 27 seconds past noon, with the leaves at a 45/55 yellow to red ratio, a white-tail could the best compliment the scenery.

For a viewer on a budget, it is highly recommended to seek out the visual companionship of a white-tail, though for those who are really looking for the best from this category, it is recommended to seek out either the rare 16-pointed Elk or a Chinese Water Deer.

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