Game Review: Uniwar HD

This week’s game is a combination of “Risk” and “Draw Something.” Uniwar HD, a turn-based strategy game available on iOS and Andriod platforms, consists of a mini domination game with a 21-level campaign and multiplayer with three available races – sapiens (the human race), the Khraleans (the stereotypical space bug), and the Titans (the technologically advanced humanoid aliens).

The campaign is more of an extended tutorial in which players learn how to use each unit. The game ultimately focuses on the multiplayer where players can compete with random people or friends online. The game even supports competition on the same device. Multiplayer matches consist of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 players in teams or free for all on over 1000 different maps. The turn by turn game play is similar to the style used in popular games such as “Words With Friends” and “Draw Something.”

Each race has a variety of land, air, and sea units that all have various strengths and weaknesses. With different armor and attack classes, there is a certain amount of strategy required to counter and dominate the opponent. Additionally there are various terrains that can give units a boost, or become detrimental to a their strength.

A round starts with each player being given a certain amount of credits and bases. For every additional base a player obtains, his or her income increases, as does the ability to train more units. The ultimate goal is to capture all the bases and destroy all of the enemy units to win the round. This is much easier said than done. It is not uncommon to have the map littered with units of all types in order to out-man the opposing force.

The game’s graphics are detailed and the animations for every action immerse the player in a true battle experience. On the Droid Razr the game play and graphics are very smooth, although there is an option to disable animations if necessary. The game is battery intensive and mobile devices will heat up significantly during extended play. A player should have a charger handy if her or she anticipates playing more than one round in a single sitting.

Overall, the game is worth a five out of five stars for a smart device app, as it runs well and will easily keep a casual gamer occupied. After extended play, the game does leave something to be desired with resource allocation and an extended use of tech trees. It is by no means as strategy intense as League of Legends or Star Craft, but for a cheap smart device platform, it is a great way to kill some time and boredom.

Uniwar HD is available on the iTunes store for $0.99 and for $4.99 on the Google Play Store and the Android App Market.

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