Inside scoop about Homecoming with Kelli Bell

Compared to E-days, homecoming at Mines is an almost insignificant event. At least, that is how it has been in the past. Student Activities Administrator Kelli Bell is working to change that perception. Last year was Bell’s first year at Colorado School of Mines, and when she arrived, homecoming was already planned and rolling. “It was nice to observe and get the whole picture without any preconceived notion,” Bell said.

Her assessment was that homecoming at Mines had no real feel or spirit and that the events did not lead up to anything. However, after seeing E-days, she knew there was hope for making homecoming better.

Although Bell admitted it was a little sophomoric, she envisioned homecoming at Mines as a high school prep rally with taunting cheers and a stadium full of rowdy fans. “The celebration is for the entire Mines community including our current student population, staff, alumni, the Golden community, and supporters of Mines.” That is why this year’s theme is all about “Mines Spirit.”

This year, Homecoming will kick off with float building Friday night on Greek row. Greek row has the space and the experience of building floats to be able to help out the other groups and teams that want to participate. The school is also sponsoring more trailers than ever before, free of charge, for organizations to get more students involved in the activity.

According to Bell, this year President Scoggins, the Mayor of Golden, and the President of the Alumni association are expected to participate at the parade.

Following the parade, there will be a Spirit Color Slide hosted on Sorority Hill. This event will consist of slip’n’slides with blue and silver paint, for those super fans that want to show their school spirit.

In an attempt to bring the focus of the event to the football game, like it is at most schools, Bell and the Mines Activity Council (MAC) worked with the Athletics Department to change the tailgate. Instead of letting tailgaters do their own thing, MAC, along with the Athletics Department, will be hosting a school wide tailgate for the whole community. Food will be provided including brats, chicken, and a chili bar (vegetarian and beef options available). There will also be yard games and music to help bolster the school spirit. Bell’s hope is that this will lead to people getting to know each other, from the President to the first year students.
Following the Football game, and announcement of Queen and Beast at halftime, the school will host a concert on Kafadar at five. The concert will be headlined by local favorites MTHDS and opened by the best bands from MAC’s block party earlier this year. The Alumni Association will host their alumni event at the concert, complete with free adult beverages for those of age.

The event will end with a bang this year, concluding with the rescheduled fireworks show from last E-days, which was canceled last semester due to fire danger.

“We want everybody to give this year’s homecoming a chance…with a fresh set of eyes,” Bell said. She went on to say that she felt homecoming should be a one of those profound experiences that students take away from their time here. She hopes this event becomes a more integral part of the Mines culture. Her goal this year is to shake things up and challenge the status quo of homecoming. “No longer will this event want to stand in the shadow of E-days.”

When asked about next year, Bell’s eyes lit up. “Think about where it can go from here,” she said. She hopes the student body will say, “Oh my god that was amazing, now what can we do to make it better.” Bell’s wish is that homecoming will get more support next year.
Ultimately, the goal is that homecoming will transform into an event that is unique to Mines. Bell said, “Really, our students have the great ideas and they put in all the hard work; and they do it for free.” She credited MAC, the Athletic Department, the Alumni Association, the campus administration, and others for their help in trying to make homecoming different now and in the future.

Homecoming will take place during the last weekend in September, September 28-29. Sales for shirts, tickets, and packets will take place soon and these commodities will likely sell out rapidly.

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