Minds at Mines: Beginning a new year

The start of the school year signifies the beginning of grueling, homework-ridden weeks and the end of relaxing, less-stressful days. To see what students did during the long summer break, this week, Mind at Mines asked, “How was you summer and what was your most interesting and rewarding experience?”

Eric Hake – Sophomore – Environmental Engineering.
“My summer was hella dope. I did an internship in Spain where I tested the mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes in fused bone cement. Traveled around Europe with lots of fun parties that I don’t remember. But I did discover a new drink, red wine and coke. It sounds nasty but it’s delicious.”

Jaime-Sandoval Jaime Sandoval – Sophomore – Mechanical Engineering
“My summer was great. I went to Honduras on a catholic mission. Most of it was just playing around with kids and it was awesome it was a lot of fun. Good times. “

Dylan Weldt – Sophomore – Civil Engineering
“My summer was good. My most interesting and rewarding experience was just lifeguarding at the pool. Got to sit out soak up some sun and get paid while doing it. And there were some babes. That’s always nice.”

Isaac-Maves Isaac Maves – Junior – Metallurgical Materials Engineering
“My summer was pretty good. I worked an internship and got a publication out of it which is pretty rewarding. I was doing explosives research, doing RD, so came up with new compounds and a new method to make it. I blew up a shaped charge and it sent copper plasma shooting at 8 km/s through about 3 feet of steel. So that was pretty sick and it was pretty rewarding. You set it off in a bunker and you feel the shockwave of about 8 pounds of explosives.”

TR Berger – Senior – Environmental Engineering
“My summer was pretty laid back relaxing which is new for me I’ve had summer classes on previous summers. My most rewarding and interesting experience was getting into bike riding. I got up to thirty miles which is a lot and being physically active, I got to do that a lot more this summer.”

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