Minds at Mines: Your biggest academic fears and hopes

After just a few weeks of class, the rigors of being back in school being to mount. Professors reveal new concepts and many of them teach more difficult subject matter. In celebration of how hard getting back into school can be, and how rewarding parts of the year can be, this week, Minds at Mines asked, “For the upcoming school year, what do you dread most and what are you most excited about?”

“So I’m graduating this semester and I’m definitely excited about being done. I think what I’m most afraid of is what’s coming next. It’s a mixture of both excitement and a little bit of fear. But Mines is a great school, so I know I’ll be fine.”

Ana Ochoa – Economics major – Senior 

Andrew-Lee---Chemical-Engineering---Sophomore “What I dread most would have to be the tests. Well obviously, they are a massive source of stress and quite frankly they offer no joy in my life. What I’m most excited for would probably be coaching the climbing team. I’m stoked the conferences coming up this semester and next semester.”

Andrew Lee- Chemical Engineering – Sophomore 

“What I dread most is trying to find an internship, and I’m most excited about seeing God work through prayer on campus.”

David Bicknase – Engineering Physics – Senior 


Rachael-Dixon---Biochemical-Engineer---Senior “What I’m dreading most is homework and lack of sleep. I’m most excited about graduating.”

Rachael Dixon – Biochemical engineer – Senior 

“I dread physics the most, hands down. I’m most excited for our soccer season.”

Jordan Partin – Undeclared– Freshman 


Tanner-Thompson---Mechanical-Engineering---Freshman “I kinda just dread most the tests like everybody else. They’re getting harder and harder. I’m looking forward to picking my own courses for my career and getting involved more with stuff around Mines like slacklining.”

Tanner Thompson – Mechanical Engineering – Freshman 

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