Salomon Slalom Skis: A mouthful that’s worth it

As the weather gets colder, many start thinking of winter, skiing, and shopping for new ski gear. For most, the question of what ski to purchase is intimidating. The Salomon line of slalom race skis, officially titled 3V Race Powerline, offers a great solution. The ski is designed for fast carving through short radius turns. Do not be intimidated by the racing classification, this ski is unique because it balances stiffness and flexibility. This balance allows for confidence when flying down groomers and the ability to bounce through moguls and trees. The ski has a large sidecut, meaning that when the ski is put on edge the resulting turn has a short radius. Additionally, it has a short beneath-boot radius, allowing every motion of the boot to have a large impact on the motion of the ski. This leads to a design that allows for great responsiveness, making it different from most all terrain ski.

Yet, this ski is not a perfect fit for everyone. The small beneath-boot radius combined with the heavier weight of a race ski means the ski sinks in deep powder. The weight and cut of the ski also might pose challenges in the park, exacerbated by a design that is not conducive to skiing backwards. A final note – this ski is designed for expert level skiers. Intermediate or amateur skiers may find the responsiveness of the ski to be a double-edged sword, at once exciting but also unforgiving. However, for those skiers who want to enjoy groomers, bumps, and trees, this ski offers an exciting alternative to cookie-cutter all-mountain models.

The ski comes in lengths of 155, 160, 165, and 170cm, and should be fitted shorter than most skis, with the tip only reaching chin or nose height for most skiers. The price of a new pair will run anywhere from $600-$800, but there are many used models for sale at used ski stores and online for much less. Generally these used skis have only been skied for one or two seasons by a racer who has kept them in beautiful condition.

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