USG’s first meeting brings change to CSM student government

ASCSM is now USG. During the first meeting of the 2012-2013 school year, ASCSM (Associated Students of the Colorado School of Mines) voted unanimously to change the council’s name to Undergraduate Student Government, or USG for short. The name change comes one year after the undergraduate and graduate student government councils separated into two separate entities working under a joint operating agreement. The resolution was written by the new student body president Matthew McNew with aid from the former Director of Student Activities, Marie Hornickel. McNew explained, “Naming ourselves USG is a progressive move that will help us usher in a new, more competent student government”.

Derek Morgan, the Associate Dean of Students, announced that he will be the overseeing advisor to the USG until a replacement can be found for Marie Hornickel. As many may know, Hornickel left CSM earlier this month to move back home to the Midwest to be closer to family.
Further faculty changes announced at the meeting included a new head of Public Safety, Greg Boholen.

This first meeting of the newly elected student government also marked the first meeting in which the the class representatives did not include class treasurers. Previously, treasurers could only vote in budget committee meetings for reallocation and not in ASCSM meetings. After some discussion in the previous year about the need for class treasurers, and since all the class treasure positions were vacant after last semester’s elections, the council voted unanimously to remove the position from the council. The class representatives now consist of a president and three representatives for a total of four votes for each class out of a total of 20 (including the Board of Student Organizations).

Currently, freshmen are in the process of class elections. Monday, September 3, 2012 is the start of the freshmen class elections. To vote for freshmen representatives a student must be a freshman by credit hours (less than 30 credit hours). Freshmen can login to Trailhead, go to Self Service, Student, ASCSM Elections & Student Surveys to vote for their choices.

The council also appointed Erin Nawacki to At-Large Representative to the Community after an unexpected departure from the winner of last semester’s spring election.
Jonas Cafferty of MAC also stopped by to introduce himself to the council and announce that the cancelled E-days fireworks show from last semester will occur over Homecoming weekend.

The council is scheduled to meet every other Thursday with the campus invited to attend. The next general meeting will happen Thursday, September 6, 2012 in Ballroom D at which time the newly elected Freshmen class will also join the council.

Students can look up their current undergraduate student government officers at Students with any questions, feedback, or ideas for changes at Mines are encouraged to contact their class representatives.

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