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USG talks RTD and Parking

Guest speakers Gary Bowersock and Anna Wellscott from Facilities Management visited the most recent USG meeting to discuss on-campus parking and new RTD bus routes.

Bowersock discussed the proposed RTD system. The light rail system and new bus system will come into effect in April 2013. Unlike a typical RTD bus though, the system will utilize Call-n-Ride, a system in which people are able to call ahead and have curbside pick-up.


Switch movie premiere sheds light on energy

“If you don’t like fracking, you like nuclear, if you don’t like nuclear you love coal, if you don’t love coal, you don’t love electricity.” This comment produced laughter last Wednesday night across the crowd in Bunker auditorium. The theatre was packed as students, faculty, and members of the Golden community attended a premiere showing of “Switch”, a movie about the energy future of the United States. Following the screening was a question and answer session with the man behind the movie, Dr. Scott Tinker, a geology professor with a passion for energy. Tinker’s comment was intended to demonstrate the fallacy of a simple-minded approach to solving the energy problem.

Scientific discoveries this week: 10/22/12

Illinois, USA- New neuroscience research confirms the power of a handshake. Strangers who make a firm, friendly handshake make a better impression than those who do not. The greeting dates to ancient times when it was a way of showing one carried no weapons. The study was led by Beckman Institute researcher Florin Dolcos. The institute found that “a handshake preceding social interaction enhanced the positive impact of approach and diminished the negative impact of avoidance behavior on the evaluation of social interaction.” Furthermore, their results demonstrated increased sensitivity to approach than to avoidance behavior in the amygdala and superior temporal sulcus, which are linked to a positive evaluation of approach behavior. Additionally, the nucleus accumbens, a reward processing region, showed greater activity for handshake than for non-handshake conditions. Dolcos further highlighted in her findings that it is not just any handshake that leads to positive feelings. A firm, confident, yet friendly handshake, as is often promoted as good business practice, leads to the highest amount of positive feelings.


Ski season approaches

The temperatures are dropping and the snow guns are in place. This can mean only one thing – ski season is quickly approaching. For those who have been anxiously waiting for the lifts to begin running, the wait is over. It is time to pull out the winter gear and take advantage of what the Rocky Mountains have to offer.


Cooking Corner: Pumpkin Pie

It is that time of the year again. The leaves are falling and the holidays are just around the corner. As Thanksgiving approaches, there is much to look forward to including a break from classes, a delicious dinner, and of course, dessert. In the spirit of fall, pumpkin pie is a perfect dish for those who indulge in the holidays. The following recipe is perfect for those who enjoy the spices and flavors of the season.

Classical violin plus Dubstep equal YouTube sensation

YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling is perhaps the only violin artist to combine the classic violin with the modern dubstep style. Her love of music began at the age of five when she finally convinced her mom to let her take bi-weekly violin lessons. Other than the violin, Stirling fell in love with dance, but could not afford dance lessons so she did what any tech savvy girl would do and learned from videos on YouTube. She taught herself a variety of moves and techniques, including how to moonwalk.

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