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The Knight, the Seer and the Child: Adina

The thoughts of those around her buzzed like flies in her mind, yet she kept her focus on Brennus. She fought to keep her face expressionless, but soon the strain from her power began to show on her face. Just before she decided to let go, Adina noticed Brennus grab a pendant around his neck. A sudden surge of power emanated from him, nearly breaking her connection. Adina took a deep breath and opened her mind a little more, reaching out to Brennus’ mind.

Stars above Mines: Folly of the anthropocentric bias

The single greatest weakness of humanity in dealing with the vast reality of space is our own vanity. In the mind’s eye, humanity, the Earth, our star, and our solar system itself hold some sort of magic that sets this realm apart from any other. From the roots of existence, our species has always assigned something special to our own residence. It began as a belief in the superiority of one’s region, but eventually expanded to encompass the whole globe.


Gear Review: POC Lobes goggles

When it comes to ski season, most people immediately jump to the newest skis, but even the best pair of skis will not do any good without a good pair of goggles. The POC Lobes goggles provide maximum visibility, comfort and style. Swedish architect Sigurd Lewerentz designed the goggles with a lens that snaps onto the frame as opposed to the traditional style with the lens set into the frame. By mounting the lens on the outer edge of the frame, POC was able to greatly increase visibility. The lenses are made so that they stay firmly in place, but are still easily exchangeable. The lenses are tough so they do not easily crack. One would only need to change lenses if the conditions change.

Advance Wars gets a dark re-imagining

Often, being a student means not having the budget to buy the newest video games. Although the most current games are hot, new, and fun, they do not always outshine their previously released peers. Older games are still fun, and many still love to play them. One such example is an under appreciated classic released for the Nintendo DS, “Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.”


Club Sport of the Week: Men’s Lacrosse

Throughout the history of North America, lacrosse has been a constant. The Native Americans believed that lacrosse had a spiritual significance, as shown by the beginning face-off when the players would hold their sticks in the air and shout out to get the gods’ attention. Sometimes the games were played to appeal to the gods for healing or for settling disputes between tribes.

The Football Informant: Loud and Clear

Eight weeks into the football season, the endgame is taking shape. As expected, LSU, Alabama, and Oregon are cruising near the top of the rankings. They have been joined by some unexpected competition, however. Kansas State and Florida emphatically proved their worth with one-sided victories over highly-ranked foes. Florida humiliated South Carolina in the Swamp, taking advantage of Gamecock mistakes to roll to a 44-11 victory. The Gators took total command of the SEC East race and they can clinch the division next week with a win against struggling Georgia. Kansas State, meanwhile, rolled into West Virginia and hammered the Mountaineers on their home turf, scoring on their first eight possessions. Granted, West Virginia’s defense is porous, but the Wildcats now have convincing road victories over the other two best teams in the Big 12, and with Texas and Texas Tech both traveling to Manhattan, KS, the Wildcats should be in excellent shape to win the conference.

Grinds my Gears: Denver International Airport

You know what really grinds my gears?
The Denver International Airport

The first problem with the place is that it is so far away. Why, when you can get to downtown Denver in about 20 minutes, does it take the better part of 50 to get to the airport? Also, why could they not build it directly off of I-70? Instead, when you think you’re there, there is another 15 minute drive ahead of you, which is essentially a speed trap to raise money for the airport. It is rumored that some dishonest business and political deals went down to determine the location of DIA, inconveniencing millions of Coloradans in the process. There are numerous other open space locations where an airport could have been built (between Golden and Boulder, on top of North Table Mountain, etc.), but they just had to add an hour to everybody’s travel time by putting an airport halfway to Kansas.

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