Imagine Dragons creates diverse album

Imagine Dragons, a funky and fresh music group, is about to lose its statues as a hipster group. Formed in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada, they are quickly working their way to the top of indie rock charts. The band received their big break this summer, when they toured with AWOLNATION. Their new album, “Night Visions,” was released this year and contains combinations of guitar, drums, mandolin, and occasional synthesizers to make for an original, catchy sound – a sound which has helped them become successful both in the alternative rock category and in the indie rock scene.

Released on the extended play (EP) “Continued Silence,” “Radioactive,” one of the band’s more popular songs, contains dubstep sounding bass tones, synthesized vocals, and electric guitars. Like most hipster-indie songs, the lyrics could mean any number of things depending on the listener’s interpretation. One line goes, “I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones enough to make my system go welcome to the new age… I’m radioactive.” These particular lyrics from the chorus of the song could imply that old bones are entering a new age or they could be philosophical, implying everyone is doomed to nuclear war. The lyrics and the inflection of singer Dan Reynolds’ voice compliment each other well. At just a hair over three minutes, the song is over entirely too quickly.

Another single released from the same EP, titled “It’s Time,” is more indie than modern rock. Clapping keeps the beat and mandolin carries the tune. This song addresses the listener directly as “you” and was obviously written about a past relationship. Although the song has thoughtful lyrics, the tone that Imagine Dragons tends to sing in does not command the listener’s attention. The sound of all four band members singing blends into the background music instead of standing out against it. The music in general has a fast enough pace to not put the listener to sleep and is not harsh and poppy like much of the music on the radio. This album would be a great alternative to listening to classical music while doing homework.

“Night Visions,” has already sold a total of 178,000 copies. The album showcases the diversity of the band with influences from pop, rock, indie, dubstep, folk, and hip-hop. Not all of the songs are great, but as a newer band, Imagine Dragons has a lot of room to grow and settle into its own style. The variety of sound on the album makes it a good listening choice for any occasion.

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