Minds at Mines Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner and temperatures finally beginning to feel like late fall, this week Minds at Mines asked, “What are your plans for Halloween and what do you think of the cold weather?”

Brandon Gesior
My plans for halloween are party, and the cold weather is great. I’ve already been skiing a bunch of times and it’s sick. I’m a Blackhawks supporter.

Joe-Meyer-(Minds-at-Mines) Joe Meyer
Well right now I’m a cowboy. For halloween I don’t have any plans, I’ll just see what comes up and go along with it. For the current cold weather I like the cold. I’ve had three days on snow so far two in the past two days. I’m having a blast in the cold, freaking snow, I’m stoked.

Tyler Anderson
I’m Vernon supreme. My plans are being President of the United States of America and giving everyone a free pony. I love this cold weather because I got this nice jacket with my full beard I’m enjoying this nice crisp weather.

Ben-Newberry-(Minds-at-Mines) Ben Newberry
I’m a teletubby tinky winky. My plans for Halloween are hang out with my friends and go to party. The current cold weather, well this costume is really warm so I love it.”

Rachel Hallanan
I’m a Native American Indian, kinda like pocahontas – it’s pretty sweet. My plans for Halloween are basically to be here and volunteer for slackline and hand out candy. I think the cold is the sweetest thing ever because I’m excited for skiing and snowboarding.

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