Mines has a Club Baseball Team?

After years of preparation, this spring will mark the inaugural season of the Mines Club Baseball Team. Efforts from Connor Meining, the club’s president and a junior in biochemical engineering, have made the team a reality.

The vision began two years ago when Meining, then a freshman, looked to play baseball, but found that his options were limited. Meining said he wished to create the club team “because there wasn’t one. I wanted to play baseball at a competitive level and represent the winning nature embodied by Oredigger Club Sports.”

The idea then became a reality as Meining founded the Baseball Club. That year the team grew and played its first six games against other schools such as the University of Denver and New Mexico Tech. In regard to last year’s games, Logan Schuster said, “it was great because we were undefeated, except for the two games we lost.”

Creating a new club sports team is no easy task. It requires several years and stacks of paperwork for a student organization to become fully sanctioned as a club sport. Meining and other officers such as Vice President Quade Lusk have dedicated countless hours to the formation of the team. “The hardest part so far was writing the 25 page proposal for the Club Sports Council,” said Meining. He also said to “know your priorities. Winning is more important than anything else.”

Before the spring season, the team will be playing DU. The team encourages students to come support Mines Club Sports. Students can expect an email with all of the details in the next couple of weeks. “We’re playing DU at All City Field on October 20th, and we’re going to win, because winning is more important than anything else,” said Meining.

The Mines Club Baseball Team has a lot to prove, so their hard work will continue during the offseason and well into their first official spring season.

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