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Club Sport of the Week: Tennis

Club Tennis may certainly be one of the newest additions to the Club Sports Department, but the team has definitely made their mark already on the club sports world by finishing 4th out of 32 teams in their second attendance of the USTA World Team Tennis Fall Invitational Event at Hilton Head, South Carolina. By beating Clemson University B Team 30-8 and #52 Ohio State University 26-15, the team was placed in the Gold Bracket to play #46 North Carolina State. The CSM team won four out of five sets, winning 24-15. Then the team beat Clemson University A Team in the quarterfinals in a 20-19 victory. In the semifinals, the team fell to the University of Virginia Cavaliers. The team ended up also losing to University of Central Florida (ranked third in the nation) in the consolation match. CSM was one of only two Division II universities in attendance, with the CSM men giving up only eight games in seven sets of singles play, a feat unlikely met by any other school in attendance.

This Week in Colorado History: Political Churches

At the Golden Armory this week in 1921, a consortium of churches in the Golden area sponsored an address by Father William O’Ryan of Denver supporting disarmament. O’Ryan demonstrated “the perilous situation in which European civilisation [sic][a] finds itself,” pointing out the incredible amount of armament, relative to the need for relief from previous wars. “The Colorado Transcript” reported on his conclusions: “His Master has showed another way of overcoming – love which alone can eliminate the causes that inevitably lead to war.” After the address, the churches present adopted a resolution supporting O’Ryan’s conclusions.

Good News Everyone! The Simpsons Futurama crossover is a hit!

“The Simpsons” is the longest-running prime-time television show in American history and it shows no sign of stopping soon. Everyone knows of the animated creation of Matt Groening. Less well-known and shorter-lived was “Futurama,” another animated classic by Groening. “Futurama” was recently revived by Comedy Central after being canceled by Fox. Both shows are extremely popular and have memorable characters that generate pervasive memes such as “The goggles do nothing!” and “Why not Zoidberg?”

The Knight, the Seer and the Child: Miranda

I wonder if they’ll like me. Miranda tugged at her bodice but the boning was too stiff. Her ribs protested as much as her feet as she shuffled down the halls in these ridiculous shoes with a heel taller than the width of her palm. She preferred her own clothes of soft fur to the extravagant silk her parents sent. Parents, Miranda thought. She often dreamed about a woman’s face. It was soft, like hers, with the same white hair and calm blue eyes. When she sat on the beach back home, Miranda often thought of the woman’s smile. Now that she was going to meet her mother, however, Miranda wondered if she would be like she dreamed or something completely different.


Freshly brewed history: Changing landscape of Golden

Walking through Golden, it is clear from the store fronts and buildings that a lot of history is preserved in the town. Golden is proud of the historic landmarks protected within the city limits. In celebration of the past, the Astor House Museum often hosts discussions and speakers which connect the history of Golden to the present. Tom Noel, “Dr. Colorado,” and Rick Muriby, city planner, discussed the historical and future landscape of Golden.

EPICS II in the Land Down Under

Are you tired of seeing the same buildings and eating the same foods? Do you want a break from hunting down parking spots and smelling the Coors factory? Do you want the chance to travel around the world and experience new cultures? Are you an undergraduate student and still need EPICS II credit? Then start getting your passport ready and take EPICS II at the University of Wollongong in Australia! The University of Wollongong is just a short train ride (80-km/49.7-miles) south of Sydney.


Cooking Corner: Taco Soup

As winter begins to roll in, there is nothing quite like a bowl of soup to chase away the cold. This taco soup is a filling and tasty end to a long day and can bring a taste of the southwest to any dining table or desk. The recipe takes some time to cook, but it it is worth the wait. The recipe can easily be changed to make enough soup for a couple of people or a large group.

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