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Aspen Hall offers new housing on campus

After standing vacant for two years, the roundhouse at the corner of West Campus Road and Elm Street finally has a new tenant. Constructed in 1963, the newly named Aspen Hall was refurbished over an eight week period earlier this semester and had its open house last Friday, November 16. In the spring, the building will house 20 or so male students as part of a male leadership housing theme proposed by the building’s resident assistant Grant Johnson. The open house provided an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to see the interior of one of the most distinctive buildings on campus.

The Knight, the Seer and the Child: Naonet

Naonet slapped a hand across the surface of the water, dispelling the image from its surface. He sat back against the high back of his stone chair, pushed a hand through the few strands of hair he had left and growled when half of those came out in his fingers. Soft giggling echoed from high above. A smile, or what could be halfway considered a smile, twisted the corners of his cracked lips. He shifted his gaze up to the pool of shadow that clung to the ceiling.

Headlines from around the world: 11-26-12

Israel is prepared to substantially broaden its operation in the Gaza strip, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. President Barack Obama fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself and called for an end to the firing of missiles into Israel by militants inside the Gaza strip. On early Sunday at about 10:30 am at least one missile was intercepted by Israel’s anti-rocket defense system over the center of Tel Aviv.

Grinds my gears: The Baker’s Union

It has recently come to my attention that Hostess, a brand that all of us grew up with, enjoyed, and cherished, is going out of business. This means that the Ding Dong, Sno Ball, and most importantly, the Twinkie, will no longer exist as we know them. This company has been producing these types of snacks since 1930, so we are possibly the fourth generation to experience their sugary delights. 

This Week in Colorado History: Beat the ‘Buffs

“The Colorado Transcript” suggested that Golden would “be well night depopulated as every body, big and little, young and old is going to Denver to do his part in cheering the favorite Miners on to victory over their old and bitter rival, the University of Colorado” this week in 1910. The paper estimated that fifteen thousand people would be at Broadway park to see the contest. The game was expected to “be a mighty close one.” Boulder people were betting on the outcome, but “The Colorado Transcript” considered Mines’ fans to be too prudent for the wager.

Movie Review: Big

Tom Hanks stars in this 1988 classic depicting the adventures of a 13-year-old that wishes his way into his 30s. The movie focuses on simple, yet resounding childhood humor as well as the themes of “coming of age” and “loss of innocence.” Additionally, “Big” was made in the good ol’ days when one could drop an f-bomb in a PG movie.


Game Review: The War Z

Zombie shooters seem to be commonplace these days, but an up-and-coming open world zombie shooter called The War Z brings the genre to a new level. Not yet an official release, the game remains in its testing stage, but is already quite playable. Players can buy the game for as little as $25. One thing to remember if you find yourself in this post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland: do not trust anyone. It is the internet after all.

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