Cinzzetti’s: An excellent out of town restaurant

Taking a break from Golden, diners can find a wonderful meal at an Italian buffet-style restaurant called Cinzzetti’s. Cinzzetti’s is a hugely popular restaurant located in Northglenn. While it is a bit of a drive, the trip is well worth it.

The restaurant itself is huge with a fair amount of parking spots available. However, given its popularity, it is hard to find a parking space on weekend nights. The wait for a table can be a little long without a reservation, so make sure to schedule your time wisely. Upon sitting down, a waiter will promptly ask for your drink order and then you may visit the buffet table.

For a set price, you can revisit the buffet again and again. The buffet has all the traditional Italian offerings. Guests can help themselves to favorites such as lasagna, stroganoff, pizza, Parmesan chicken, salads and much more. Make sure to finish off the meal with one of the many desserts, including bread pudding, gelato, and made-to-order crepes. For this great food and the atmosphere, the price is around $15-$20.

Regarding the atmosphere, it is simply gorgeous. The walls, ceiling, and woodwork all elicit authentic Italian architecture. Italian artwork adorns the walls which gives the restaurant a classy feel. The buffet tables have a stone appearance reminiscent of ancient Roman style. This restaurant tries very hard to present its atmosphere as Italian, and it succeeds on all fronts.

Cinzzetti’s is an excellent restaurant that serves delicious and authentic Italian food. Given its popularity, it is often packed on weekends. The experience is fun in larger groups and it is ideal to make a reservation if one is going. Visiting Cinzzeti’s is also a chance to leave Mines for a little while and enjoy the local shopping district. Cinzzetti’s is located on 281 West 104th Avenue Northglenn, CO 80234. Its phone number is 303-451-7300. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

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