Minds at Mines: Favorite video game

With a few days off for Thanksgiving, a few more weeks before finals, and the strong chance of one final midterm test, students need a break and something to relieve their stress. To give everyone ideas, this week, Minds at Mines asked, “What is your favorite video game?”

Paige Stevens
My favorite game is visually NT8 on Nintendo 64 because I play with my brother. It’s a racing car/kill car game.

Erica-Blair Erica Blair
The “Temple Run” because it’s like every badass adventure movie chase scene, but just the chase scene. So we can just play that all the time and it’s great.

Erika Wells
“Angry Birds” because it’s the only video game I’m good at.

Katherine-Rhinehart Katherine Rhinehart
My favorite game is “Mario Kart” and I always pick Peach because she’s a princess and we kick butt together.

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