Minds at Mines: Thanksgiving Plans

With the upcoming holiday season students can’t wait to get a break from school and pig out on a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Some are going home, some are skiing, and some are just hanging out in Golden. This week, Minds at Mines asked, “What are your plans for Thanksgiving?”

Corey Boettiger
“Just heading back home for dinner and then coming to my apartment and hanging out. I’m from Loveland and although I don’t ski, if I did, I would be going.”

Kelsey-Lewis Kelsey Lewis
“I’m going and I’m baking pie and I’m watching my brothers football game.”

Michael Brown
“I’m actually going home and my friend Jules is coming with me and we are going to eat amazing food and watch football. I’m from Colorado Springs.”

Connor-Taylor Connor Taylor
“I’m going back to Texas and visiting my family in Houston. I don’t have an accent because I’m not very Texan.”

Benjamin Cathey
“What I’m doing for thanksgiving… Probably gonna get some friends and go to Denny’s. Thats about it cause I don’t have the money to go home and you know three days is not worth it. I’m from Washington, going home I gotta cross the rockies and it’s too much work.”

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