Minds at Mines: Winter Sports

This week Copper Mountain, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, and Loveland were all open. To celebrate the upcoming season of winter sports, this week Minds at Mines asked, “Are you planning on going to the mountains for some winter sports this year?”

Ernest Burkholder
I went the last time I was here before I moved in. I drove up to Winter Park with my dad, other than that I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ll probably go a few times depending on the weekends but the school is crazy here so that’ll be pretty difficult, I guess.

Logan-Ramseier Logan Ramseier
I haven’t been up to the mountains yet, but I’m just kind of waiting on snow. I got my pass this winter. I got the Epic Local Pass. So hopefully once it starts snowing I’ll be up there as soon as that happens. I ski.

Blaine Lefler
I have not been up there yet. I might go up depending on if I know of anyone else who’s also going. I usually don’t do those things unless I have friends who are doing it too.

James-Debartolomeis James Debartolomeis
I will be going up to the mountains. I bought an Epic Local Pass. I’m excited to go up with some of my friends. I ski. I will be going up this week at A-basin. Just take advantage of the opportunity that Colorado School of Mines has.

Matt Schneider
I have not been and I won’t go because I didn’t get a pass this year. I don’t think the snow is gonna be as good. I think it’s gonna be like it was last year. I was up there a week ago and there was nothing.

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