This Week in Colorado History: Wilson Carries Colorado

One hundred years ago this week, “After the most strenuous and interesting political campaign in the nation’s history, a magnificent Democratic victory has been won in the state and Woodrow Wilson is elected president by an overwhelming majority,” reported “The Colorado Transcript.” Wilson won 40 of the 48 states and 435 electoral votes. Theodore Roosevelt of the self-created Bull Moose party won six states and 88 votes, Republican incumbent William Howard Taft won two states and eight electoral votes, and Socialist Eugene Debs won six percent of the popular vote but no electoral votes.

The Democrats’ success extended through most of Colorado, with that party winning every state office. Jefferson County results were more mixed as Democrats “were successful in electing only three of their candidates, as shown by the incomplete returns at the time of going to press.” Even in the traditionally Republican first ward of Golden, twelve more straight Democrat votes were cast than straight Republican.

A Walsenburg man was nearly crushed by a radiator, this week in 1912. A 700-pound radiator slipped while being unloaded and “plunged to the trucks waiting to receive it.” The station agent hit by the radiator was seriously injured, but survived the experience

A seven-year-old Pinon boy was shot by a friend this week in 1912. The other boy inaccurately aimed a .22 caliber rifle, resulting in the accident.

In less substantive news, the Colorado School of Mines football team defeated the “husky Fort Collins Aggies” 14-0. The victory came as a surprise, given that Colorado State’s team had recently defeated both the University of Colorado and University of Denver teams. Mines’ success gave them “the edge in the race for the state championship, and an even break for the Rocky Mountain conference pennant.” CSM remained the only team not beaten by another team in the state.

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