Holidays at the Astor House

The Astor House was built in 1867 and served as a functional boarding and rooming house until 1971, preserving over a century of Golden’s rich historical influences. Each year, as part of a long-standing tradition, the Astor House Museum in downtown Golden decorates and prepares for holiday festivities. The goal of this event, and the museum in general, is to educate and provide entertainment for all ages. Holidays at the Astor House runs through the entire month of December, and is a great place to take friends or visiting family members. Tour guide and history enthusiast Caitlin Lewis said her favorite part of the Astor House experience is “the ability to walk into all of the unique rooms and being enveloped in the past.”

Prior to Thanksgiving, the Astor House decorated itself in traditional turkey day fashion, but now the walk through museum has decked the halls with poinsettias, ribbons, and decorated trees. Each trimming and embellishment adds to the quaint and cozy feel of the house. In the parlor, there are several tables where guests can engage in enjoyable Victorian games or make arts and crafts. There are also stations for Christmas cards and popcorn necklaces. Visitors can help decorate the main Christmas tree with ornaments and knick-knacks. Next to the tree is an antique wood stove for decoration – a reminder of the warmth of simpler times. “Donations and memberships from the community help keep the Astor House open,” said Lewis. Without the generosity of the Golden community, irreplaceable museums like the Astor House would cease to exist.

In the kitchen, there is a water pump at the sink, which provides a humbling perspective to all the luxuries enjoyed in modern times. The well-preserved elements of the Astor House serve to remind individuals of yet another reason to be grateful during the holiday season.

The entrance fee is only $3, and the proceeds go to help Golden History Museums. Golden History Museums is dedicated to protecting the past, as well as provide entertaining events in the present. Last Friday, Golden History Museums hosted the ageless Candle Walk tradition where attendees toured all three of the museums in the Golden area whilst appreciating the holiday spirit. Holidays at the Astor House continues for the rest of the month and making some time to attend this event will surely provide an unforgettable experience just in time for the holidays and winter break.

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