Stuff Review: Microsoft Comfort Keyboard

Have you ever been writing a paper on your compact and uncomfortable laptop keyboard only to be abruptly stopped mid-sentence by a debilitating hand cramp? If so, you may consider purchasing the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard to ease all of your typing traumas.

keyboardThe box of the keyboard is simple and pleasantly designed, and comes complete with a sticker that stresses the importance of comfort with keyboards. Ergonomic keyboard designs, according to the box, have been “associated with a significant reduction of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.”

Unlike traditional keyboards, the Ergonomic 4000 is curved in its split ergonomic design, which aids in a more relaxed forearm position during use. Even better, the keyboard’s slick design and high quality craftsmanship all contribute to an exceptional typing experience. The best feature of the keyboard is the padded palm rest portion, which provides superior comfort where it is needed most. Additionally, the keyboard comes with a detachable palm lift, that is intended to promote a straight, neutral wrist position. This feature is somewhat odd, and feels weird while typing. Luckily, the lift is easily removed and can be used at the user’s discretion.

Although Microsoft manufactures the keyboard, it is compatible with both Windows and MacOS operating systems. The keyboard is wired with USB port connectivity, so battery life and recharging are not a concern. The keyboard also features media keys for music and video control, and the convenience of multiple taskbar shortcut keys.

Priced at $39.99, the Ergonomic 4000 keyboard is one of the least expensive USB keyboards in the ergonomic keyboard category, but still delivers excellent quality. For those accustomed to traditional keyboards, the switch to the ergonomic layout may be difficult and a bit awkward at first, but after prolonged use, the advantages are undeniable. It is easy leave the keyboard at your desk, and simply connect the keyboard to a laptop for assignments that require extensive amounts of typing, or even for writing newspaper articles for “The Oredigger.”

If you have ever considered a replacement for the keyboard on your laptop, the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 might be the perfect option. The keyboard would also serve as a very practical gift that would be sure to receive use, which is convenient as the holiday season quickly approaches.

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