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Minds at Mines: Back to school

When winter break ends and students return to school, they are forced to adjust. Gone are the days of sleeping in and relaxation. They are replaced by alarm clocks, short nights filled with homework, and the nagging feeling that anything said in class could show up on a test. Readjusting to the rigors of school can often be an unpleasant experience, so to see which part of coming back to Mines students dislike the most, Minds at Mines asks, “What is your least favorite part about returning to school from winter break?”

Getting more out of school

Have you ever considered that when you ditch a class, you throw away roughly $23? This is approximately the cost of one hour of in-state tuition at this school, assuming 30 weeks of school and a generous 18 hours per week of classes. So why is it that we are willing to ditch a $23 class, but we won’t throw away a $20 baseball ticket? Why will we text during a $23 class, but not during a $10 movie?

CEO’s get a bad reputation

Since the government’s bailout of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, GMC, and Chrysler, CEOs have come under the microscope. They have been attacked and vilified for making enormous salaries while the workers who work under them earn considerably less. Is all of the criticism justified though? Are CEOs really the villains that many in the mass media make them out to be?


Orediggers’ hoops split games against Western

Last Saturday saw the Oredigger basketball teams in action for a doubleheader against RMAC rival Western State College at Lockridge Arena. The first game pitted the 6-12 Lady Orediggers against their 8-10 Mountaineer counterparts. Western pulled out a victory 83-78 in a game that was far more of a defensive struggle than the score would indicate. It was an intense, back-and-forth contest for the full forty minutes. The Lady Mountaineers jumped out to an early lead behind a barrage of three-point shots and a ruthless full-court press defense, and generally did an excellent job of disrupting the Mines offense for much of the first half.


Athlete of the Week: Chris Goutama, Senior, Basketball

The average height of a male college basketball player stands roughly at 6’6″ and Mines’ men’s basketball team is no different, as seven of their fourteen player are listed at or above that height. Yet you must lower your gaze nearly a full foot to locate Mines’ starting guard Chris Goutama. Listed at only 5’8″, Goutama is the shortest player to put on an Oredigger uniform since the turn of the century. But that does not slow down the senior from San Ramon, California, who used all 128 inches to sink the game winning shot over Fort Lewis’ 6’6″ center Matt Morris in last week’s 66-65 victory.


The Football Informant: Tales and Tide of Tebow

The Christmas break has been an eventful one in the world of sports with the lengthy college bowl season, the NBA’s glorious return, and the opening rounds of the NFL playoffs. Records fell, new challengers rose, and the BCS system produced perhaps its least-satisfying title tilt yet. Tebowmania reached its logical (or perhaps illogical) conclusion, as millions of voices cried out and then, one week later, were suddenly silenced. The Alderaan analogy can only be taken so far, of course, as the future remains bright at Mile High and I can virtually guarantee that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are not, in fact, Sith Lords. Probably. As for Nick Saban, well, the jury is still out. If you can imagine the possibility of the Broncos losing an undefeated season by being shut out by the Raiders in the Super Bowl somehow, you are getting close to how painful the BCS title game was for LSU supporters like myself. Then came the Saints game. Then the encounter with the New England Death Stars. Suffice to say that this week has been fairly disappointing.

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