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Book Review: Whip Smart – A Memoir

Recently, the Denver Feminist Book Club members voted to read “Whip Smart – A Memoir” by Melissa Febos for their November discussion hoping that the book would be a compelling feminist read. Although the book is about a dominatrix, a woman who plays a dominant role in sadomasochistic encounters, the application of the label “feminist” is problematic.

Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics explores laser physics

Started by the University of Southern California approximately eight years ago, the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, also known as CUWiP, was founded to give undergraduate women a chance to explore the realm of physics in a professional setting without going to a large national meeting. Since its inception, the series of CUWiP conferences has grown to include six simultaneous sites across the nation and has included institutions such as California Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Stanford, Texas A&M and, this year, the Colorado School of Mines as the Rocky Mountain site for the 2013 CUWiP.

Cooking Corner: Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter makes an excellent sandwich when paired with a variety of ingredients from jelly to bananas. It can also be eaten on crackers or with a spoon. Peanut butter can also flavor delicious cookies that are easy to make at home. All one needs is a large bowl, an electric mixer, and a cookie sheet. To make warm and delicious cookies at home just follow these steps taken from the Better Homes and Gardens, “New Cookbook.”

Comic Corner: The Spider-Man universe entangles readers in an intricate web

To provide fair warning, the disclaimer at the top is really an understatement. There are some major spoilers ahead for these comics. That being said, there is not much point in beating around the bush. Courtesy of these three issues, Peter Parker is dead and Doc Ock is now Spider-Man. Yeah, that actually happened. Now, let’s take a closer look and see what caused this insanity.
As a matter of full disclosure, I should mention that I’ve kept my eye on the Spider-Man universe enough to know generally what’s been going on in it, but I have not actually read many Spider-Man comics since the “One More Day” story arc (a story wherein Peter made a deal with Mephisto, Marvel’s version of the devil, to save Aunt May and make the rest of the world forget Parker’s recently-revealed secret identity in exchange for Peter and Mary Jane giving up the memory of their marriage). Hence, I did not pick up these issues when they first came out and there were none left when I went to go buy them later, so my knowledge here comes largely from scans and transcripts of these comics.

Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty

From Kathyrn Bigelow, director of the critically acclaimed film “The Hurt Locker,” comes “Zero Dark Thirty,” a film that documents the search and pursuit of Osama Bin Laden. The most important thing for this movie is to know what to expect, as the movie has far less action than “The Hurt Locker.” Although the previews for the movie depict a high intensity, action packed thriller, these sequences are saved for the end of the film.

Dr. Dana Christensen and Dr. Chuck Kutscher to deliver opening and closing keynote addresses at the 2013 CEER.

The Spring 2013 semester is upon us, and with that comes the cornerstone event that the CSM Graduate Student Association (GSA) has become known for, The Conference on Earth & Energy Research (CEER) 2013. The event will take place at the Green Center on February 21-22, 2013, showcasing the best and brightest earth- and energy-related research from across the Mines campus, as well as other Colorado graduate institutions. Through a partnership forged by VP of Research, Dr. John Poate, NREL will be participating in CEER 2013 through presenters, judges, as well as the opening keynote speaker. CEER 2013 is very proud to announce that the opening and closing keynote speakers for CEER 2013 will be Dr. Dana Christensen and Dr. Chuck Kutscher, respectively.


Minds at Mines:School success

Whenever a break from school comes to an end, students frequently find it difficult to get back into the rhythm of going to school. Motivation is hard to come by with the next serious amount of time off almost two months away. This week, to try and pin down the reason students still look to succeed despite an occasional lack of motivation, “The Oredigger” asked, “What drives you to succeed in school?”

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