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Mines at forefront of water research

In July 2011 the Colorado School of Mines and its academic partners Stanford University, University of California, Berkley, and New Mexico State University received a $20 million grant from the National Science Foundation to establish a new Engineering Research Center (ERC) focusing on solving a big problem: decaying and outdated water infrastructure in the US. 

Mapping energy needs

Nathan Johnson, a seasoned veteran of the field, advised engineers working in foreign countries and small villages and towns to “have hard cash on you.” In addition, he warned, “failure is common.” When attempting to gain information and study others’ lives, “participating in the daily activities is extremely important. Participation enables you [the engineer] to cross the social barrier and have real conversations.”


Faculty Spotlight: Jenn Mazzotta

The Oredigger caught up with Mazzotta to learn a little more about one of Mines’ newest employees. From the time she was young to the middle of her high school career Jen Mazzotta lived in connecticut. Then, she moved to Aurora, Colorado and graduated from Gateway High School. While she was in High School, one of her teachers suggested that she look at western state college where she majored in organizational communication and business and English. It was there that she realized she could pretty much major in student activities for the rest of her life. She found student activities amazing and so from there she went to Washington state university and was paid to get her masters degree. She worked in Residential Life for two years and then in Student Activities for two years. After that she moved on to Stockton, California and loved it. It was great being only 90 minutes away from San Francisco and 2 hours from Yosemite National Park. She worked at the University of the Pacific and there she met her husband Chris and they now have a two and a half year old named Cooper.

The Knight, The Seer and The Child: Chapter 9, Garreth

“Commander Hallon, if you think for one second that I’m just going to let you send over two of your agents to take control of my kingdom, and then on top of that let you use my daughter for bait, you’ve got another thing coming.” The queen had on her evening prayer robes with white satin gloves that covered her scarred arms up to her elbows. Her arms crossed tightly over her chest, the queen did her best to hide the outright contempt from her face.


Community Spotlight: Cannonball Creek Brewery

Golden welcomed a new brewery two weeks ago and it is popular. Cannonball Creek Brewery, located on 393 Washington Avenue, opened its doors on January 19 to a flood of eager guests. The brewery struggled to keep up with demand as glasses were washed on spot. The grand-opening crowd was so large that Cannonball Creek had to close its doors for the following Tuesday and Wednesday to brew more beer. The success of the brewery is no surprise given Golden’s historic relationship with Coors and the multitude of beer-connoisseurs in the area.


Faculty spotlight: Lauren Cooper

Lauren Cooper, Mechanics of Materials course coordinator and professor at Mines, has quite the medley of industry experience—she has worked as a surveyor, energy auditor, teacher of grades between 3-12, and even worked for a hospital in Nicaragua. Currently, she works to positively advance the way engineering classes are taught at Mines.

Gear Review: Rock Hammer

Like any Mines student, you are probably in the market for a new rock hammer. Fortunately, your search can be complete after you acquire the Estwing Pointed Tip Rock Hammer. This rock hammer is extremely gneiss as it boasts spectacular one-piece forging—just one of the reasons why Estwing sets the industry standard for rock hammers. Most importantly, all Estwings are made in ‘Merica.


CASA open house

The Center for Academic Services and Advising (CASA) is a new department at Mines as of the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year. Last week, CASA put on an open house event to show off their building and officers. CASA offers public and private tutoring and academic excellence workshops, while also handling the CSM 101 class, academic coaching, and more. The tutors cover all the core classes and even some higher level classes such as thermodynamics and statics.

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