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Big City Mountaineers is recruiting volunteers

Sometimes, it can be easy to ignore the daily struggles faced by inner city children. They have to deal with drugs, gangs, broken homes, and the hopelessness that can result from it. Many groups try to help inner city children, but one group has a unique approach. The Big City Mountaineers (BCM) take inner city children on hikes through the mountains. Their philosophy is based on the hero’s journey created by Joseph Campbell, as they take students on a life-changing journey to self-discovery and greater confidence in themselves. More often than not, this approach works very well. The following is a narrative of the author’s experience on a recent BCM trip.


Club Sport of the Week: Ice Hockey

The fastest sport on ice is making big waves in the Mines club sports community. With a record 35 members, the Men’s Ice Hockey team has greatly improved to be one of the juggernauts in the Division III ACHA. The team has been around for almost a decade at Mines and has seen a recent increase in participation, fan attendance, and wins! The team underwent a makeover two seasons ago and came out with new jerseys and two new coaches.

What to expect in a technical interview and how to handle it

“They want to see what you do,” said Xiao Liang of Perficient. The purpose of a technical interview is to delve deeper into what would make one a good candidate for a company beyond what is put on a resume. The technical interview will still have similarities to classic interviews, and the purpose is the same, but it adds the aspect of how one does things, rather than what they’ve done. It is designed to evaluate how one approaches and solves problems, deals with pressure, and communicates.

The Offseason Informant: And that’s why they play the games

What a game! Following the Baltimore Ravens’ stunning ride to a championship, I think we can safely dispense with the idea that home field advantage, regular-season performance, or really any other factor has any effect on who wins the Super Bowl. For the fourth time in six years, a team that began in the wild-card round ended up lifting the trophy. Regular season success is great, but it guarantees nothing and it often has led to playoff letdowns, as I am sure Peyton Manning’s Broncos can attest.

Valentine’s Day Rises

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, members of the anti-Valentine’s Day movement begin to make their presence more and more obvious. One of their more prominent members, known only as “Vane,” was recently caught trying to outright sabotage the holiday. When questioned about why he was so adamantly against Valentine’s Day, Vane had this to say:

USG discusses real time grading and a parking garage

Students may soon be assured that they will have their grades within two weeks of assignment submission. USG Sophomores are spearheading a resolution to this effect. The resolution, on behalf of the student body, would encourage the Faculty Senate to create a policy requiring professors to have materials graded and returned to students within two weeks of their submission. The resolution is expected to be unanimously approved at the next USG meeting in two weeks. This matter was brought up by a student petition on the Class of 2015 Facebook page which received over 200 names requesting this policy.

Looking good at Career Day

To stand out at career day, one should follow a few simple and helpful steps provided by the Career Center to make a better impression on possible employers. These tips are not only limited to the the obvious, like dressing well and presenting oneself professionally, but are also about doing research on the company and having a strategy when approaching the various companies. Just follow these simple steps to make a good impression at career day.

Scientific discoveries this week: 2/11/13

Stony Brook, New York – A deep study into mammal physiology and genetics revealed the ancestor of all placental mammals. Placental mammals are mammals that give birth to young in much the same way as humans. The research group responsible for the study began by assembling a massive database of genetic traits from 86 different species of placental mammals, then compared the various species-specific traits in an effort to find common threads.

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