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Music review: Influence

When people think of rappers, they generally think of celebrities with money to burn, and egoes larger than the pants they sag. They do not think of an engineering student with physics homework to do and floor event to plan, but that is Brandon Gill. As a mining engineering major, an RA in Bradford, and the rapper of the band Influence, Gill is a very active student. He started rapping when he was 17 and at the request of some friends compiled a mix tape called “6 Days ‘Til Summer.” In September he released a second mix tape called “Constructing My Mind.”


Geek of the week: Malachi McDonald

While geeks tend to be a different breed from the rest of society, many chose to not embrace popular culture and march to the beat of their own drum. Whether he’s rapidly switching conversation topics from Magic to video games or planning out his next insane scheme in an RPG, Freshman Malachi McDonald is confined to his own realm of geekiness.


Gear Review: Oakley Splice Snow Goggles

Oakley is a revered brand when it comes to optics such as sunglasses and goggles, and offers many different models, styles, and options for their products. Although the brand is typically quite expensive, their products hold a high standard of quality. This is the case with Oakley’s Splice snow goggle. This high tech goggle is durable and comfortable, and the interchangeable lenses allow use in a variety of conditions.

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Cooking Corner: A Chocolate and Strawberry Sensation

Looking for dessert with a “wow-factor?” Want something different than the ordinary, something that uses some serious baking skills? If so, this delicious and decadent cupcake recipe is for you. Strawberries and chocolate come together to satisfy any sweet craving. Show off to a special someone or impress friends and co-workers. The work is well worth the results, so put an apron on and happy baking.

The Knight, the Seer and the Child: Chapter 11, Miranda

Miranda’s legs locked as she jerked herself awake from the cloudy dream. Rubbing away the last remnants of sleep from her eyes, she turned her gaze to her bedroom window. Outside the sun still slept somewhere beneath the horizon. Soft moonlight spilled through the window, casting shadows throughout the room. She kicked at the blankets tangled around her legs, swung them off the bed and sat with her face in her hands. Sweat blanketed her brow. She stood and walked over to the basin of water, splashing cold water in her face.

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