CASA open house

The Center for Academic Services and Advising (CASA) is a new department at Mines as of the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year. Last week, CASA put on an open house event to show off their building and officers. CASA offers public and private tutoring and academic excellence workshops, while also handling the CSM 101 class, academic coaching, and more. The tutors cover all the core classes and even some higher level classes such as thermodynamics and statics.

The CASA open house introduced students to the facility and included free food. Faculty, students, and others were present to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and learn more about CASA’s role at Mines.
CASA is an essential department here at Mines and is housed in the old health center building. On their website CASA offers tips on how to succeed at Mines. For time management skills, CASA recommends to create blocks of study time with breaks and have a dedicated study space. Furthermore, make sure to prioritize assignments and using a whiteboard would be a great idea. Other tips include writing techniques and tips on how to effectively write when one is stuck on a paper.

CASA is also accepting applications for peer advisers and tutors so if anyone would like to apply just visit their website.

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