Looking good at Career Day

To stand out at career day, one should follow a few simple and helpful steps provided by the Career Center to make a better impression on possible employers. These tips are not only limited to the the obvious, like dressing well and presenting oneself professionally, but are also about doing research on the company and having a strategy when approaching the various companies. Just follow these simple steps to make a good impression at career day.

The first step to making a good impression is doing a little background work. This consists of looking through the list of employers that will be present at the fair, which can be found in the career day pamphlet. Pick out a list of companies that would be interesting to talk to and that fit degree specifications. After getting this list, put together a spreadsheet that organizes information about each company. The first thing to do is to go to each company’s website, apply online, and then research the company in order to get some general information. Record information about each company in the spreadsheet in order to later reference at the fair. That way, when talking to the recruiters about their own company, they will see a motivated individual who cares about their company. Prior to the fair, print off enough resumes in order to give two copies to each employer you intend to talk to. Organize notes about the companies and resumes in a folder that can be carried at the fair.

At the fair there are a few pointers to follow. The first pertains to attire. Men should be dressed business casual, meaning a long sleeve shirt, a tie, and slacks. Ladies should be dressed conservatively, and be aware of possible “wardrobe malfunctions.” Secondly, have a strategy on how to approach each booth. If uncomfortable about approaching a booth, practice the approach on a booth that does not hold much interest. When approaching a booth, one should be confident and know what they want to say. It is helpful to have a 30 second commercial prepared to give to the recruiters. After completing the 30 second commercial, try to get the recruiters to take a resume and carry on conversation. After leaving the booth take a few notes about the recruiter and any contact information they may have given.

If during a talk with a recruiter, a slip-up or embarrassing moment arises, do not sweat it. Move on with the point, and act like nothing happened. Showing performance this way in a stressful situation is also a good quality to a prospective employer.

After the fair, it is key to follow up with recruiters. If a good conversation took place with the recruiters, send them a thank you for their time. This is a good way to stand out and make sure to still stay on their mind in order to potentially gain an interview.

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