Minds at mines: Exams

The first few weeks of the second semester were easy, but now with exams starting to come in droves it has begun to get harder. This week Minds at Minds asked, “How were your first few exams?”

Nicholas Fleegal
“First week of exams was pretty stressful and packed in there. I had Chem II test first. I felt as though that went alright. Physics was awful, it was really bad, but Calculus II was better than I thought it would be.”

Jeff-Wood Jeff Wood
“My first round of exams went fairly well. I prepared fairly well for the chem exam and it went better than expected and then the physics exam I spent a couple of days studying for it and that went well. The calc exam I probably could have prepared for better but I was sick of exams by the end of the week.”

Rowdy Mathews
“My first round of exams went pretty well and helped me get back in the groove of going to Mines. I had Chemistry II, Calculus II, and physics, and they were all about the difficulty I expected, but I had enough time to prepare for all of them and I got grades I expected with the effort I put in.”

Xandon-Sigafoos Xandon Sigafoos
“It went well. I mean mostly great and I’ve had three so far. I had math, physics, and econ. The hardest was physics but I was still happy with my grade. I got higher than average so that was great.”

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