Minds at Mines:Super Bowl

Food, football, and fun. Although many Americans consider the Super Bowl a national holiday, many Mines students will undoubtedly be trying to chip away at projects and homework as exams are looming on the horizon. Sometimes it is good to take a break and either enjoy the sport, the food, the commercials, or all three. This week, Minds at Minds asked, “What did you do on Super Bowl Sunday?”

“I played video games. Oh and walked my dogs. I like sports about as much as I like cats.”
Jon Lewis

MaM-Ben-Fuller “I went to a Super Bowl party to hang out with people and eat food, not necessarily watch the game. I don’t really watch sports.”
Ben Fuller

“I hated the Ravens because they beat the Broncos.”
Will Kuhlman

MaM-Nate-Caroe “I sat on my couch and rooted for the 49ers because I hate the Ravens.”
Nate Caroe

“I sat around cheering for the 49ers while eating delicious food and watching awesome commercials. Because I hate the Ravens since they beat the Broncos and I sat out there in the cold [for the Broncos-Ravens game]! And it was horrible!”
Eric Hainey

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