Second annual GEE Panel talks multiple industries

Colorado School of Mines celebrated the second annual GEEE Industry Panel with an impressive industry representation in attendance. Companies such as Olsson Associates, CH2MHILL, ARCADIS, and Milender White Construction were invited to present their company mission statements and what they look for in job candidates. Students were able to ask these industry professionals specific questions regarding work environments, résumé refinements, and were even given the opportunity to network.

GEEE catered specifically to careers in Mining, Geology, Civil and Environmental. A light dinner was provided before each company presented. The first business to present was Olsson Associates. Olsson has 22 offices in seven states, and over 600 employees. The company was founded in Nebraska in 1956. Engineers Chance Uhrich and Emily Haney from human resources were the speakers for Olsson, and they focused on the integrity and cross coordination of the Olsson offices. Haney said when choosing a job, “Focus on the fit of a job, not the salary.” In regard to Olsson, she added, “People want to stay here, and they have stayed here.”

The next company was CH2MHILL, which is quite the global enterprise. The company name comes from the initials of the founders. CH2MHILL employs 30,000 people in 60 countries worldwide. The company is a client based firm, and their services span from accounting, human resources, engineering, and construction. Brenden Hedez, Mines alum, was joined by Glynis Williams-Thompson from human resources to inform the students about CH2MHILL. “We are looking for mobile graduates, and employees will never be doing the same thing twice,” said Williams-Thompson. Even though the company receives 2000-3000 resumes a day, “Mines students have an advantage in being considered for a job,” said Hedez.
Richard Murphy, another Mines alum represented ARCADIS. Like CH2HMILL, ARCADIS is a large international company. The company’s US headquarters are located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. ARCADIS has catered to many commercial enterprises since the 1800s. ARCADIS breaks down their company into four pillars, including TKI (Technical Knowledge Information) and safety. “We stress safety at ARCADIS, and this leads to a complete reduction of injuries at work,” said Murphy. When looking at candidates for a job, Murphy always asks, “What fires you up?” The answer to this question should be used to guide an engineer’s career search.

The final presentation came from Milender White Construction, a smaller Colorado based company. Milender White hires office as well as field engineers, and employees 70-90 individuals at a time. Dawn Hart from HR and Lou Primak visited for Milender White, and their enthusiasm and humor was well accepted by those in attendance. Primak emphasized that an employee must be “well-rounded and intelligent” to succeed in the job market.

A common theme from all of the presentations was a focus on work-life balances and finding the job that was the correct fit for an individual. The night presented an uncompromised learning experience for the students in search of internships and specific careers in geology and civil engineering. The companies that attended this year’s GEEE Industry Panel presented virtually endless opportunities to the auspicious students in attendance.

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