Song Review: The Electric Dream (Jonathan Gering Remix) – Mord Fustang

Jonathan Gering has remixed the “Electric Dream,” by Mord Fustang, and the product is an exceptional, melodious experience. The odd song title and artist, as well as the fact that this song is a remix, may be unappealing to most. However, it is a feel good song that has variety and up-beats, making it very stimulating. The original song by Mord Fustang is significantly different from this version, but definite similarity between the two songs can be drawn. The title accurately reflects the mood and atmosphere of the song, as at times it feels very dream like, which leaves the listener in a state of reverie.

The song is seven minutes and 47 seconds long, which is long, but far from boring. The Electric Dream begins as any typical dance or techno song—with bass. As the song progresses, the listener is introduced to a cheerful and enticing melody. This serves to segue the song into the first drop, which comes after about two minutes. At this point, some high pitch beeps are presented, which are brief, but somewhat distracting and annoying. The song progresses past this stage after a bit, and returns to the introductory melody which functions as a build up of more to come.

At the halfway point of the song, at about 3 minutes and 50 seconds, comes the most interesting and significant drop. Here, the song almost takes a different direction, but it seems to fit the style and cadence previously established. Now, the song becomes dubstep-like, but not the typical sounds associated with this genre. The sounds are unique and strikingly positive, and are sure to get the listener into a good mood. A pumping bassline is still present, and to be truly enjoyed a listener should be sure to have quality speakers or headphones.

After a minute or so of this sequence, the song pulls back into a somewhat trance like state, with a muted melody and an ambient glow of sounds. But the song comes right back with an accelerated buildup that leads to a point that can catch the listener off-guard. For a split second, it seems as though the song is over, but this only leaves the listener wanting more. What makes this song great is that it delivers with more danceable sequences that tie directly to the main melody of this song, now enhanced to fully energize the audience. After an unforgettable series of beats, the song takes the time to curtail the established energy and ends by slowly eliminating these elements.

Overall, “The Electric Dream” by Mord Fustang, remixed by Jonathan Gering, is a feel-good song chock full of exciting drops. The song will be well accepted by techno, electric, or dance music enthusiasts, but anyone with an open taste in music will be sure to find the song engaging.

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