USG discusses real time grading and a parking garage

Students may soon be assured that they will have their grades within two weeks of assignment submission. USG Sophomores are spearheading a resolution to this effect. The resolution, on behalf of the student body, would encourage the Faculty Senate to create a policy requiring professors to have materials graded and returned to students within two weeks of their submission. The resolution is expected to be unanimously approved at the next USG meeting in two weeks. This matter was brought up by a student petition on the Class of 2015 Facebook page which received over 200 names requesting this policy.

This semester, students could have a say in taxing themselves $165 for a parking garage to begin construction immediately, according to Matt McNew, USG President. By popular request from students, the executive council of USG has been busy working on obtaining information to push the school to build a parking garage near the Green Center, effective immediately. The committee is currently researching the matter and plans on educating the campus about the expected $11 million dollar endeavor later this semester. Students can expect to see a campus-wide survey later this semester to express their opinions on the matter. Additionally, USG is looking into funding and the process of installing lights on the north intramural field.

$40 million has been donated to the school this year to fund research. This amount is double the amount from three years ago. Stephanie Bonucci, Board of Trustees Rep., also announced that the Board of Trustees is campaigning for $35 million in donations this year and obtained roughly $27 million last semester. These funds go directly back to the campus to help fund construction and academics at Mines. The Board would also like to put $5 million more towards need-based scholarships for students with an ACT score of 32 or higher, above the current Mines average of 31. Mines also received $14 million from the Department of Energy for the efforts of a research group in the Materials Department on reducing the supply waste for clean energy and recycling materials. They will now be working with national labs on the project.

OrgSync membership for Mines is up for renewal and BSO is looking for club’s opinions as to what is good and bad about OrgSync or if the website should be exchanged for another system. Additionally, BSO is currently looking into the logistics of creating a prayer room on campus for students and staff to be able to practice their religious beliefs in a private space.

Riding on the Pedestrian Plaza may soon be a legal reality, courtesy of the Junior Class. Sam Cooper announced that Greg Bohlen of Public Safety may support a measure to allow skateboards and bicycles to be ridden through the pedestrian plaza in off peak hours. The committee will next meet with Gary Bowersock of Facilities Management. Numerous students brought up this matter on USG’s “What’s Your Beef” opinion forum.

RTD fees will not go up for the next school year, announced Derek Morgan. An increase was expected in light of the new RTD system that Mines will be enjoying this April. However, RTD has no metric to measure how much students will use the new system, so a fee likely will not occur until the 2014 academic school year. Only 2800 students have picked up RTD passes this semester from the Student Activities office, despite the fact that every student has paid for one with their student fees.

“Into the Streets” will most likely be working with the City of Golden History District to help clean up the park and History Museum this year. Community-at-Large Representative Kaitlin Hedberg reported that the event is tentatively scheduled for March 23 at 10 am. Participants will likely receive free burritos, t-shirts, and free admission to the museum at a later date.

A senior barbecue in conjunction with the Senior M-Climb will be happening this spring announced Aaron Pfeifer, Senior Class President. The Senior Class is currently looking for help sponsoring the event and for individuals or groups willing to play music. Their goal is to make the Senior M-Climb a huge celebration and a last hoorah for Seniors preparing to graduate.

USG currently has money left over from reallocations last semester. USG has since allowed students and organizations to request money from this fund. Thus far, students have submitted requests to Budget Committee ranging from money for conferences to $20,000 for a saloon on campus. After analyzing the requests, budget committee recommended two requests to the USG: $150 was granted to the Student Alumni Association to help fund snacks for Discover Mines Day and $285 was granted to help offset registration fees for three students attending an ACS conference in New Orleans later this year.

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