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It may be time to revisit Half-Life

If you’re like me, you played Half-Life at a young age. Chances are you missed a lot of what this series has to offer (if you haven’t played or heard of Half-Life, you may not belong at Mines). Or maybe you understood the scientific anomalies, taxonomy of all the alien species, the multi-faceted government cover-ups, and interdimensional politics on your first go around. Well it’s safe to say I did not; partly due to the fact my primary exposure to the series was through watching my older brother and uncle play.


Club Sport of the Week: Women’s Soccer

The lovely ladies of CSM Women’s Club Soccer compete each fall in an intercollegiate soccer league. The league (founded and run by the Club Sports Staff here at CSM) is a nationally-recognized soccer league that is comprised of teams such as CU, CSU, etc. In November 2012, Women’s Club Soccer traveled to Memphis, Tenesse to face top notch competition. They lost to the 2011 National Champion Mizzou, but came back to defeat the University of Pennsylvania in a shutout and tie Iowa State.

Softball Takes Two at Colorado Christian

The Lady Orediggers went to work on the road, winning both games of their Saturday doubleheader against the Colorado Christian University Cougars. RMAC pitcher of the week Kelly Unkrich won her ninth game, giving up the two runs on five hits with five strikeouts in a complete game. The undefeated senior righty’s ERA is still at 0.77 after giving up the two runs in the seventh inning. The Cougar’s two runs came off of a double after a batter was hit by a pitch and another walked.


Men’s Baseball battles windy doubleheader at home

As a result of lousy weather in the Golden area, The Colorado School of Mines Baseball team’s first home game was moved to Saturday, making a doubleheader against Regis the start of baseball at Jim Darden Field. The recent snow in Golden did have an effect, as Regis had to share bullpens with Mines for the first game, but the weather on this day was fair for the most part, with an occasional breeze.

Book Review: Blink

“Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell presents research on psychology and the split second decisions that people make with their adaptive unconscious. He describes it as our ability to “thin-slice,” or to gauge what is important from a short period of time. He uses numerous examples and studies to highlight his hypotheses such as one with a gambling game. Someone presented with two cards, one that has a steady state of returns and one with higher returns but massive losses that outweigh the returns.

This Week in Colorado History: Court cases and creek pollution

This week in 1919, Jefferson County found itself in an awkward, but fortunate position. The district court opened with only three criminal cases on the docket. Many civil cases were listed, but “unless there [was] a sudden wave of crime in Jefferson county during the next week or two,” the district attorney was likely to be bored and the session would probably end quickly, according to “The Colorado Transcript.” The three criminal cases were over liquor sales (Colorado was a dry state at the time), libel, and a stolen overcoat.

Snowball Festival makes for a killer weekend

This year’s snowball festival at Winter Park has a stacked lineup. From Friday March 8 to Sunday March 10, Winter Park, CO will host this year’s festival. On opening day the main stage has headliners Kendrick Lamar and Big Gigantic. Kendrick Lamar is an american rapper that gained attention with the release of his fourth mixtape, “Overly Dedicated.” Big Gigantic, the headliner on Friday is a electronic, jazz, and hip-hop band from Boulder, Colorado. They are known for their high energy performances.


Cooking Corner: Chicken Pot Pie

One of my favorite things to have in the winter time is a wholesome, filling Chicken Pot Pie. Beth from budgetbytes.com has a perfect, cheap recipe that is delicious, and can be afforded by any college student with a tight budget. The total recipe costs just over $7 and involves a preparation time of 10 minutes and 45 minutes of cooking time.

Movie Review: The Emperor’s New Groove

“The Emperor’s New Groove” follows a young, cocky, and busy emperor named Kuzco. Maintaining his groove and surviving another day of hearing his people complaining is a difficult job, of course. Not worried about his people, he brings in one of his subjects, Pacha, and tells him some exciting news. He’s building a new water park just for himself. Kuzco is building it right where Pacha’s house is, so Kuzco sends him on his way with the “happy” announcement. Meanwhile, Yzma, Kuzco’s administrator, believes that she should become emperor and take the throne.

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