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Athletic Administrators Announce Resignation

Mines fans, student athletes, and the community have all been affected by Tom Spicer and Brandon Leimbach, but opportunity for the athletics administrators has led to change in the Department of Athletics.
Spicer, Colorado School of Mines Director of Athletics, announced Monday that he has resigned his position with CSM. Leimbach also announced that he has resigned as associate athletic director.


35th Annual International Intercollegiate Mining Games

The 35th Annual International Intercollegiate Mining Games were held over the last weekend of spring break from March 13-17, 2013, in the Q parking lot at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. The CSM Ladies did very well, earning the title of world champions in the women’s division. The Men’s A team also did well, placing seventh in the men’s division, and the men’s B team came in 13th place. The teams were made up of many people from many majors in the graduate and undergraduate programs.

This Week in Colorado History: Insurance Fraud

According to “The Colorado Transcript,” in April, 1914, Val Turley moved to Golden along with his wife. On September 1 of that year, Turley died of heart disease a mere ten miles inside the Jefferson County line, in Golden citizen and former city council president J. Lofton Davidson’s car. Davidson reported the death to Dr. Pate and had a death certificate made. He then placed a call to Golden, asking that Mrs. Turley be notified of Turley’s death. Turley was cremated on September 3.


Geek of the week: Steven Kuhlmeier

Many geeks at Mines struggle and toil in their studies in the hopes that, one day, they will be able to graduate in one piece and leave to seek their fortunes out in the real world. Others, perhaps very wisely, decide that life outside of the school is not all it is cracked up to be and choose instead to jump back into the Mines graduate program. These students, like Steven Kuhlmeier, are not so different from the other geeks at this school. They are only really separated from the undergraduates by more experience, more stress, more debt, and more people who have no idea what anything they are studying actually means.


Gear Review: Razer Ouroboros

If the Digger Den is any indication, there are a lot of gamers at Mines. PC gamers make up a large demographic, and all of them know that a good mouse is essential for competitive games like “Counter Strike” and “Team Fortress 2,” among others. Razer understands this and designs specialized gaming mice just for these kinds of gamers. This week, gear review looks at one of their newest mice, the Ouroboros.

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