Club Sport of the Week: Women’s Soccer

The lovely ladies of CSM Women’s Club Soccer compete each fall in an intercollegiate soccer league. The league (founded and run by the Club Sports Staff here at CSM) is a nationally-recognized soccer league that is comprised of teams such as CU, CSU, etc. In November 2012, Women’s Club Soccer traveled to Memphis, Tenesse to face top notch competition. They lost to the 2011 National Champion Mizzou, but came back to defeat the University of Pennsylvania in a shutout and tie Iowa State.

Upon returning from their fourth straight Nationals appearance, the Women’s Club Soccer team is in heavy preparation for the upcoming fall season. The ladies are holding an indoor soccer tournament on March 23-24 open to the entire Mines campus, in addition to a youth skills clinic being held every Sunday in March. Proceeds from these events go towards their 2013 Nationals trip to Phoenix, Arizona. Registration is simple and can be found on the team website (http://recsports.mines.edu/REC-Club-Sports-Women-Soccer).

Current president Melissa Tran is eager to lead the team next year and share her wisdom with the younger generation. “In a world where growing up happens too fast, playing soccer is a place where I can still be a kid. I can forget about my next exam or getting a job and just play the game. It’s not just the game though; it’s the players on my team I get to share it with—my second family. We create more than the memories of goals and plays, but of road trips, practices, overnight stays, and Nationals.” Former president and graduating senior Alyssa Horvat reflects on her time with the squad: “The club soccer team has a great atmosphere. All the girls get along extremely well and we really bonded this past year. Going to nationals proved that we are good enough to play the best schools in the country”.

The team will be hosting tryouts in August (right around the beginning of school) for the season. They usually have about 22 members and practice about three times a week. Please contact club-soccerw@mines.edu or visit their website for more information.

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