Gear Review: Hoo-rag

Few pieces of clothing are more versatile than the Hoo-rag. Essentially a seamless, tube-shaped bandana, the Hoo-rag has a name that might raise an eyebrow, but an ease of use that is outstanding.

The company that produces the Hoo-rag started just a few years back, but the success of their product has led to extensive expansion. Now, there are dozens of designs to choose from, and free shipping on nearly everything.

One may wonder how a seemingly glorified tube sock could be so useful. If the Hoo-rag is pulled over the wearer’s head and onto the neck, it can sit comfortably around the neck as a scarf or sun guard. From there, the Hoo-rag can be pulled up over the mouth and nose and serve to keep the face warm during skiing or any other activity. There are more uses although they are less practical and comfortable.

The Hoo-rag claims to work as a balaclava, headband, and beanie, but these uses are a bit of a stretch. This does not mean that these forms of the Hoo-rag should be written off, it just means that the other uses are more practical and realistic. Also, the Hoo-rag can be used for a pony tail or “alice rag” for those with longer hair.

Hoo-rags are made from a material comparable to book covers, but the material is less stretchy and composed of more soft cotton. This results in virtually no irritation to the skin on the face and neck. The Hoo-rag stays in place and gets the job done, whatever that job may be. Although the material is thin, it does a great job of protecting from wind and keeping the face warm. In extreme weather conditions, the Hoo-rag can get wet, but it takes a lot of water to render the product unusable until it is dried.

The Hoo-rag may claim to have over eight uses, but in reality only three or four are feasible, depending on personal preference. Regarding preference, the number of patterns available for the Hoo-rag lets the wearer express his or herself indefinitely. If there is no perfect match of style on their website, Hoo-rag even offers custom design with personal design assistance during the order process. Fairly priced at $14.95, Hoo-rags are a no-brainer for an individual who enjoys the outdoors and the multitude of weather conditions that Mother Nature has to offer. Even better, the Hoo-rag allows anyone to look good doing it.

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