Gear Review: Razer Ouroboros

If the Digger Den is any indication, there are a lot of gamers at Mines. PC gamers make up a large demographic, and all of them know that a good mouse is essential for competitive games like “Counter Strike” and “Team Fortress 2,” among others. Razer understands this and designs specialized gaming mice just for these kinds of gamers. This week, gear review looks at one of their newest mice, the Ouroboros.

The mouse’s slogan is “Hold infinity in the palm of your hand.” “Infinity” is a good fit for the Ouroboros. It is an ambidextrous mouse with a customizable arched palm rest and back so that it can fit into any hand and support any game style. The mouse has an “infinite number of possibilities” when it comes to coded game play and changeable parts.

The Ouroboros took three years to develop and was inspired by high-end automobiles like the Lamborghini Reventon and even the Batmobile. The mouse even looks like a mini Batmobile. The customized sides were created for the three types of mouse grip types, palm, claw, and fingertip. The back tilt and changeable sides allow anyone to use the mouse since palm players prefer to use a larger mouse while fingertip players like to use a smaller mouse.

As far as its sensor goes, the Ouroboros has a 8200 dpi 4G dual sensor with a laser and an optical sensor. It can calibrate to any surface, so this mouse will match the speed of any play style. The mouse has a one millisecond response time to inputs, allowing the user to “turn” on opponents with ease.

For charging, the mouse has two modes, wireless and wired. While in wired mode, it will charge an included AA battery. In wireless mode, the Ouroboros will go for 12 hours between charges.

A final feature is for the precision players out there. The DPI clutch located on the side of the mouse will reduce the mouse’s resolution, making the mouse less sensitive and allowing the player to get a perfect headshot.

Unfortunately, this amazing mouse is still in its pre-order stage, with limited beta stock being tested, but it will be out soon. Those interested can keep up with its release on Razer’s website. http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-ouroboros

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