Minds at Mines: Curious Characters

For some students, simply getting into the Colorado School of Mines is their biggest accomplishment. For others it may be passing Physics I or resisting the urge to fall asleep in NHV or econ. Perhaps more than a few students would say that their greatest accomplishment has been surviving E-days or their first encounter with a female. This week, Minds at Mines asks, “What is your greatest accomplishment at the Colorado School of Mines?” The answers show a startling diversity among Mines students and prove that is among America’s most unique campuses.

Buford the Hillbilly
My greatest ‘complishment was when me and my buddy Cooter jumped our ‘lectric Dodge Challenger, the General Li-Po, over Clear Creek. That and when we was brewing moonshine down by the creek when no ones was a-lookin’. I hear arsenic adds character.

Chad B.
Winning a bro-down with my bro C-Jenks. Dude has got some mad skills, but he ended up losing to my Algebrah.

Terrence-Hunder Terrence Hunder
Making this hat and getting an “A” in Alien Technology, EGGN 9000. There’s no way they can track me now, right? Please don’t probe me again.

A.J. Timberberg
It went down like this. I see this girl on Kafadar and I’m like, “Hey girl.” She looked up at me and long story short, we went back to my place and watched cartoons. Stay in school.

Pierre-LeDough Pierre LeDough
I would say eet was when I liberated all of ze bagels from ze CTLM Einsteins. Eef you leesten closely you can probably hear zem calling out, “Freedom! Liberty!” when you walk between ze two buildings.

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