Minds at Mines: Snow, snow, snow!

With much of winter already gone, Colorado finally got some much needed snow. This common occurrence provided childlike enjoyment to some as well as skiing dreams when over eight inches of fresh powder fell in Golden alone. This week Mines at Mines asks students how they feel about the recent snowfall on campus.

Wes Ott – We have needed snow and it was finally good to have a real winter.

Jing Jing Xu – I like it because it is pretty and I like the cold that a true winter brings.

Mark Manganello – I feel like there should have been more snow because I wanted to drink beer and hang out on a snow day. Mark

Sami Sami Syammach – I thought it was pretty. My only complaints are that it should have occurred on Monday and the sidewalks on campus need to be cleaned better.

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